Dzmitry Rumiantsau

Phone: +49 163 665 61 67
Mail: drumiantsau (at)
Position: Ph.D. student


My current research interests are graph theory, complex network science and systems biology. The topic of my PhD is motivated by desire to understand how the architecture of transcriptional gene regulatory network affects gene expression patterns. To that end, I create sythetic expression data as steady states of dynamical model ran on the network, and explore the connections they have with spectral properties of network’s adjacency matrix.

In addition, I am involved in a project where we aim to predict possible functions of a network by analyzing it’s statistical properties. Of particular interest in context of this question is the interplay between network architecture and dynamics.

Recent Publications

Predicting attractors from spectral properties of stylized gene regulatory networks
Dzmitry Rumiantsau , Annick Lesne , Marc-Thorsten Hütt
arXiv preprint arXiv:2301.10370, 2023.


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